Find Out The Right Exercise For Your Body Shape

In exercising according to your body type the maximum benefit is obtained.

Find out what part of your body needs more attention to exercise, according to this division of body types.

These are the four main body types – see which one you belong and start exercising properly.

Four Main Body Types:

1. Pear (Spoon)

If you have a pear-shaped body, means that you belong to the group of beauties like Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Love Hewitt, among many others. People who have the pear-shaped body, the upper body is significantly thinner compared to the bottom.

Hips and thighs are the central part of this body type, therefore it is not surprising that women want to have them slimmer and tighter. However, we must not forget the upper body and is highly recommended to do exercises to strengthen arms and shoulders, as well as exercises for the hips and thighs.

The best activities for this body type are walking, running and cycling at least 45 minutes a day 5 times a week. By doing these activities do not exert too much pressure on the knees, ankles and hips. To strengthen the muscles of the arms and shoulders, you should start exercising with light weight, and gradually start exercising more weight.

2. Rectangle (Banana)

This is the body’s way of Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow. They can wear any clothes, but unfortunately it lack of feminine curves. The main feature of this body type is that the bust and shoulders are of the same amplitude as the hip line and waist.

In case of weight gain, the most problematic part is the stomach. Therefore, if you have this type of body you really should try to strengthen stomach muscles. That is, you should try to remove fatty tissue in this area. In this way, you can accentuate your waist. In addition to this, you should try to increase the weight of the gluteal muscle doing exercises that target the body part. Squats and climbing stairs are ideal for this type of body.

However, you should not neglect the other parts of your body. It is the best walking, biking, walking uphill, or running.

3. Apple (Cone)

If you have slender legs and broad shoulder then you have a cone shape which is an opposite of pear shape body type.

Ideal Exercises for this body shape is spinning for 30-40 minutes. Then lunges and squats with weights, if you can do three sets of 10, this will strengthen your lower half.

Do lots of reps with very light weights for about 4 pounds can make your back, shoulders and arms more ripped but not bigger. Other workout are jumping rope, slow walking on inclines and stationary biking.

4. Yam (Hourglass)

Hourglass body types have well-proportioned chest and hips and a narrow waist. Try jumping rope and doing a rotation of 50 and eventually work your way up to 300. Another excellent exercise for your body type is using a stationary bike with very little resistance for 30 minutes. Other typical work outs for this body type include fast walking with no incline and riding a stationary bike with low resistance. You can also try long distance swimming snowboarding and dancing for half an hour.

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