How Professional Cleaners Clean Your Carpet

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Carpets are common yet luxurious items that can be found in almost every home. They range from cheap ready-made ones to high-end handmade Persian carpets. Yet one thing remains common in all of them which is they have to be cleaned thoroughly otherwise they will create problems. If your carpet is not properly cleaned you may notice discoloration. But in reality, it will just be dust discoloring the carpet. Carpets can be cleaned at home through various DIY methods but there is no argument against professionally cleaned ones. We have brought the procedure followed by a reputed cleaning service to give you a taste of how they are cleaned professionally.

  1. Pre-Vacuum with our high-powered vacuum to remove dry, gritty soils.
  2. Pre-Condition with our Green Seal-approved cleaning agents to loosen sticky, stuck-in dirt and oily types of soils.
  3. Vacuum along the edges of baseboards to remove dry soils, hairs, and dust.
  4. This dirt is extracted with one of our powerful cleaning machines
  5. Thorough agitation and extraction with our Orbot which gently agitates and our steaming Demon extracts 98% of all the water used to leave your carpet dryer
  6. FREE spot cleaning of remaining spots that did not respond to our cleaning procedures. Most cleaners charge much more for even simple spot-removal efforts.

Carpet Cleaning with NEW Two-Hour Drying Time

Your carpet will be cleaned in strict accordance with what carpet makers recommend. In our quest for giving, you the best cleaning ever, we now have a new tool that gently agitates your carpet to give a thorough cleaning while making 180 passes per minute over your carpet and removing 98% of the water used in the process.

You can now get your carpet “hot water” steam cleaned and dry within 2-3 hours. You’ll get cleaning with a state-of-the-art system to dry your carpet. Scientific inventions of the latest equipment have further eased the process of cleaning.

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